Clover Mini Register

When you upgrade to the Mini Register plan you have all the features listed above, plus these additional features that make it easier to keep track of item-level sales and manage your payments:

Manage Cash and Tender types

Ring up orders

Charge tax

Apply discounts

Create items

Manage Customers

Clover POS

With your Clover POS , you’ll be able to withdraw funds quickly, obtain helpful technical support, and access business data from any location. For example, you could connect to the Internet offsite and know instantly how many widgets you have in stock. Also, your Clover allows you to look up the most current pricing when someone inquires about an item. Clover streamlines your business so you can focus on the customer experience.

Clover POS has its own app store, so you can easily download and install extra software on your Clover POS system. Your Clover POS  apps allow you to fully customize the system to the needs of your business. Although Clover point of sale  offers many sophisticated Internet features, it will keep your business running smoothly in its offline mode. This lets you continue to accept credit and debit cards even when experiencing an Internet outage. The Clover POS keeps your business up, even when everything else goes down.


Why settle for the old credit card terminals, when you can have the most up to date technology with the Clover Mini.  The Clover Terminal Plan includes:

Accept Credit, Debit, Cash, and other tenders

Includes support for EMV and Apple Pay


Manage tips, tabs and authorizations

Closeout Reporting

Cloud Syncing

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Clover Go

Accept payments on the go, wherever you go!  Whether you're selling at the local farmers market or at a customer's job site,  Clover Go makes it easy to take your business to your customers.

Securely and reliably accept credit and debit cards- including EMV Chip Cards-with ease right from your smartphone or tablet.  Clover Go also comes with clear and intuitive reporting on sales activity along with insights on other local companies in your industry. 

Clover Mobile

Whether you want to take payments tableside, bust register lines or you’re just generally on the go, Clover Mobile is the payments device for you. And as you grow, specialized apps from the Clover App Market let you do everything from managing inventory and discounts to scheduling employees and tracking tables.

With Clover® Mobile, running your business on the go is never a problem. This high-powered mobile payment device puts everything you need to manage and grow your business in the palm of your hand.