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Clover POSis the perfect low budget all inclusive tablet solution for small Retail or Restaurant owners.  Connecting to the cloud, gives the owner all the flexibility they need.

Aldelo POS  is the award winning traditional POS System supporting restaurants that require Multi-Stations, Kitchen Display Systems and full featured Point of Sale

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Pocket Saver POS  was created to give small and medium sized businesses more affordable choices in Point of Sale systems.  Most Point of Sale providers only offer one option for the business owner to choose from.   This makes it very difficult and time consuming for a business owner.   A business owner needs to be able to compare what is available so they can determine which system actually meets not only their needs, but also their budget.  Pocket Saver POS changes all of that!  We look forward to working with you. 

The General Store fits every  retail specialty or company size, from clothing to gifts, hardware to books, grocery to liquor, or from 1 store to 100 stores,  The General Store has a proven and successful track record!