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EMV Chip Card Acceptance

We have many processing options for EMV that have completed U.S. EMV Level 3 Certification.  These options are  EMV-capable/active today, allowing you to increase your security while reducing your risk.  We are able to  provide PC-based point of sale merchants with the ability to deliver U.S. EMV functionality via an evolving list of PIN Pads and simple out-of-scope interface.

These options are certified to utilize the VX 805 PIN Pad from Verifone that supports EMV, MSR, PIN and NFC contactless transactions. Additional hardware options supporting Point-to-Point encryption and tokenization will be available as queued devices are certified.

We’re excited to be able to offer our merchants  and their customers the ability to implement EMV-enabled products to meet

U.S. EMV requirements.  If your point of sale package isn't integrated yet, contact us today to get on the path toward EMV acceptance.

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